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Genya is your one-stop healthy lifestyle shop that provides all the natural health food necessities for you and your family. We broke the traditional of Chinese Herbs being only medicine for the sick since 1992.  Chinese Herbs is not only can use as medicine for the sick, but could be used as pleasant nutrient health tonic such as soup,  dessert or tea, to maintain a modern, lively, healthy life style.  We carry high quality natural health supplement, natural herbs, Chinese herbal tonic soup pack, dessert pack, tea pack and health snack suitable for childran and adults of both sexes. 

We  provide quality herbal hand pick products  packed in Singapore, but we also provide service and informa tion for cooking a nutrient, healthy and nourishig soup, dessert or tea for the family and love ones.


To provide a best and exciting  online shopping experience for a wide range of innovative  upmarket natural health supplement, herbs, herbal tonic, dessert, tea and snacks at affordable price.  


To be the best quality online retailer for quality natural health food in Chinese traditional herbs  and our specialty brend products in ASEAN.


We are pro-healthy and we are pro-family.


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